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Lucia is an Earth Scientist on an adventure into illustration and design driven by a desire to turn her life-long habit of doodling into something... useful? She loves flat illustration, and is known for combining minimal design with bold colours and unique patterns. 

In her scientific work, she spends most of her time researching what our planet looked like  through geological time. Using clues found across the geological record, she creates computer models illustrating events like the break-up of continents and formation and evolution of oceans (and in turn learn about the direct impact of these events on the evolution of life and climate on Earth). A detective of sorts, trying to build a time machine from spare parts scattered across our planet’s surface. You can learn more about her work in this interview with Quanta Magazine.

Lucia is currently focusing her attention on writing and illustrating her first book, and on developing QUARTETnary an educational card game that received EGU's 2021 Public Engagement Grant. She is represented by the Bath Literary Agency.

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