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i'm lucia.

[LU] + [SEE] + [UH]


I am an Earth Scientist and freelance illustrator from Galicia, in northern Spain, but currently based in Oxford, UK (where it rains just as much, but is quite hard to find Padrón peppers).


In my scientific work, I investigate what our planet looked like through geological time. Using clues found across the geological record, I create computer models illustrating events like the break-up of continents and formation and evolution of oceans (and in turn learn about the direct impact of these events on the evolution of life and climate on Earth). A detective of sorts, trying to build a time machine from spare parts scattered across our planet’s surface. You can learn more about my work in this interview or this podcast.

I can’t quite remember when or how I moved from sketching doodles around the edges of notebooks (a life-long habit) to the world of drawing with pixels. As an illustrator, I create fun and whimsical imagery by combining minimalistic design with bold colour and hand-drawn patterns. I particularly love illustrating science because, as any good nerd, I love telling people about what I do, why it is cool, and why they should learn all about it!

My work is represented by Gill Mclay, at the Bath Literary Agency.

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