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a crash course in creating engaging stories

Audience: those with little or no prior knowledge of scientific communication

Format: 1-2h seminar, in-person or virtual

Scientific communication is missing from most science degree curriculums, despite this being an integral part of a scientists' job. This course is aimed at changing that, introducing attendees to the tools and strategies they can use to craft engaging stories and communicate them to audiences ranging from the general public to specialists. 

Covers aspects of spoken, written and visual communication, poster and presentation design, scientific figure making and communicating with non-specialist audiences. Can be tailored to focus more strongly on specific aspects that may be of particular interest to the individual/group.


communicating science through illustration

Audience: individuals/groups with basic notions of scientific communication

Format: can be delivered as a 2-hour seminar or a half-day hands-on workshop.

In-person (preferred) or virtual.

Visuals play a fundamental role in drawing audiences in (pun intended), so why don’t more scientists utilise illustration as a way to break the barrier between them and the public? For many, the answer simply is “I can’t really draw”. But what if you could?

Using principles and examples from stylized illustration, this masterclass will guide you through the process of creating a scientific illustration from start to finish, and prove to you that you can, in fact, draw. The learnings are applicable to a range of projects, from creating figures for scientific papers, to illustrating science for children. 

The half-day workshop option includes a significant hands-on element where participants can work on a project of their choosing, or one provided by me.

1-on-1 Clinics

Format: 15, 30 or 60 minutes, virtual.

Audience: individuals

Have a virtual chat with me, at a time that suits you!


Preparing a poster and struggling to get it right?

Need to give a seminar on a complex topic and feel stuck?

Book a clinic slot, and we will figure it out. We can look at a single piece of work, or several - it's up to you. 


for more details on content, availability and pricing

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